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Default New DOD Game Server Change for Dexworld

Since our game server has been mostly dormant, I've made the decision to join the fine folks over at DAFT's DOD server. I'm trying to keep Dexworld alive but we don't see much movement on the forum or FB front. This new fangled Facebook thing gives me some challenges but maybe that's where everyone is leaning toward. I've seen quite a few of old Dexworld players at DAFT so rest assured that you will get that same Dexworld vibe over at Daft. Hell even our resident genius Fysiks has created a cool new drinking game plug in that's pretty cool and you can see it at the new merged server. The DAFT players welcome us with open arms so don't be shy. There will be a few changes here and there on the forums as I try to figure out what we'll be doing here, but in the meantime get on over to Daft and Dexworld-Drinking Game! Friends! Alltalk/FF/No Bots. We'll be waiting on you.
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