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Originally Posted by Bait View Post
"its close, but mapmaking is so much different than that. You are comparing something that needs rigid rules, with something that is only limited by your imagination"

Sorry this made me laugh.
Are u even a coder? If so what is the most modern topic you've read about programming? YOu've mentioned that you use do realize what type of coding/math goes in there right with all the shading ,tessellation ,fogs , blur , mask ,lighting and other effects right? [I suggest looking up fractal art and Escher or Hofstatsder(but i would assume you know who Escher is)]

* Your trying to know what types of tools your using right? and what field it comes from? with the tesselation/modelling /lighting /smoke? Well i guess dod is old school so the new stuff they do in games wouldn't be included

* you said you use a tablet so i take it you've used 3dsmax , maya, softimage? or at least seen what they do

* you watch pixar/dreamwork movies right and any 3D /CGI movie?

* you've heard of that computer that won jeopardy?

* you've read that post by Niceguy on robotics?

* Apple's Siri? or the other guy with the speech rec book
* wolfram's alpha Q&A?

* you do realize the boundaries Google/Facebook are pushing with data processing
I am not a Coder Bait, and you know that! I am a person who taught themself how to use a jury-rigged version of Hammer! Please, go back and actually READ what Ive written to you! I am someone who can use existing tools in ways they arent intended, to come up with a result I need. WTF man! I said I use a tablet? When did I say that, ever? None of what you are saying has any relevance to the OP. I understand that code itself is used to make things, all sorts of things. But no, I dont use any code EVER in Hammer. Im an artist and a creator, not a programmer, not a math girl. This thread is about the map, not ways to once again come across as superior.
But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams.

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