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You know this is the first version, never been tried, bound to have issues, right? That putting it on the server was ONLY to see how it could handle a full server, and to be able to get data to edit the changes id made?? I am well aware there are tiny nit-picky details that need to be straightened out. What you are doing to me essentially is coming up to me chiseling a sculpture from a block of marble, and havent chiseled any features on the head yet, and you are standing there saying "The nose is too big." when there isnt even a nose sculpted out of it yet.

*"besides your maps have alot of texture mismatches to it (and random puttogethers) [...]"
Aren't textures suppose to mean something in mapmaking/leveldesign?
That there was almost no effort put in on the textures (again I repeat, again I repeat), that I only used two textures just to get it "playable". Also, when I copied it over originally I had to make the whole map one texture(that sand texture you pointed out). That means that texturing it to the point you see it now was a headache, having to individually select brushes to texture. To make sense of a map one will quickly fill in with almost any texture, just to get defination. But it's fine, because it was just the rough draft. Just like a drawing you fill in the details after blocking in the shading (what Ive been doing in the weeks since releasing the first). Anyway, whatever LOL. Fysiks, please remove the map from the server until the next version please. That version is bare bones and not meant for extended play.

* tank mid...don't know if its done onpurpose ...but the vine boundary seems awfully straight for a biological environment
Im sorry, but this made me laugh for real.

Im not going to ban you Bait, despite everyone in the hockey thread wanting me to. I just wish you would stop sounding like a broken record. The level of constructive criticism for a rough draft is what Fluff said "widen the side area" not "the vine boundary seems awfully straight for a biological environment"... Though I will tuck that one away for the final draft, and try to do something about that for you. Also, please explain "random puttogethers"? Im assuming you mean two textures that dont seem like they belong together? Oh also, the programming analogy just doesnt work....Its close, but mapmaking is so much different than that. You are comparing something that needs rigid rules, with something that is only limited by your imagination.
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