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FYX: to be fair, how are these not constructive criticisms

*"so there's more versions to nominated?"
Your a programming there's that intuition, not to reinvent the wheel.
You don't recode STL,C/C++ or javascript or python. Just like u shouldn't remap sherman
or any other redundant map (and sherman is 2_b6 and cal)....unless for your own enjoyment and knowhow.
ALso i distinctly remember you talking about saints/cr44 once before.

[and most of the other posts are different ways of saying don't reinvent the wheel]
ie "looks like that street map we use to play"

*"hostile_v2,_v3" I'm guessing playing those back-to-back were before your time
(tho i don't think so)...but those were some "Fun" days...also the days when lennon
version were played back-to-back [ and those lennon maps are pretty different]

*"besides your maps have alot of texture mismatches to it (and random puttogethers) [...]"
Aren't textures suppose to mean something in mapmaking/leveldesign?

*and anotehr post was where starbucks assumes i never tried mapping bbefore
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