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Originally Posted by Bait View Post
sorry i just don't see the point in making a revision of a classic layout, so that it can be nominated again and again. Why not just be inspired to make a standalone WWI/II map.

there's so many other good maps that don't get played cuz no one knows them.
And what have I done? I have made 3 maps+ now, culminating in dod_3kings, a "standalone WWI/II map". A lot of work goes into this shit, so forgive me if things arent up to your standards...

Get in game, nominate these other maps. People will play them if you promote them genuinely. If you want people to know other maps it is a process of nominating, playing, discussing, name-dropping- and then doing it again and again. You cant just say "There are other maps I like besides the ones I hate, and Im mad that you guys cant read my mind and nominate them when you dont know their names and I do nothing but snarkily decry you for playing things you like"

If you are telling me I have to make a map based on an actual WW2 battlefield, then I will try to do that. But a little support instead of sarcasm would go a long way, as this isnt easy, and takes a lot of effort
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