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I liked it. It spread things out a bit. Wasn't constantly bombarded by nades like on regular sherman.

Sherman was made as an even, duplicated on each side, CAL map. As such it was meant as a 7v 7 or 8 v 8 max. When we have 13+ on each side, it just becomes a nade fest. Run, nade, run nade, run nade. Or stay back and camp.

The version Star made, adds that opposite side which spreads things out ALOT. I don't think people realized just how many less people were running the "usual" tank route or back alley route. I kept running back alley and I only had to kill 2 or 3 guys on a full server.

Changes I would like to see...
-the new back side, needs to be a bit wider. I would mimic the current sizing of the other side.
-More cover. The two main streets are totally bereft of any kind of cover. No brush, sandbags or boxes.
-I noticed spawn camping became much easier. Like ridiculously easier due to no cover and the ability to throw a nade waaaay deep into spawn. Especially the Axis side spawn.
-You can shoot under the tank and hit someone. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
-Lastly and this is completely optional, but adding a "fourth" route would be cool. I know a few people mentioned sewers. Realistacally for the sewers I'd expect it to only run from the 2nd flag to the 2nd flag with one exit on the side of the middle tank.

Other than that, its a nice change of pace from the regular sherman nade fest and the textures are very easy on the eyes in a good way. Almost relaxing.
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