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The Way of the Dex (and how to not get banned)

Like any wonderful society, Dexworld has a few rules we'd like you to keep in mind while playing. They're pretty easy to understand and mostly common sense. We appreciate your cooperation. *smile* *hug*

  • Friendly-fire is on! Accidents happen, and cool people forgive and forget, dickheads punish. Don't be a dickhead here.
  • Do not spam the mic with incessant chat or music. We don't want to hear your religious/non-religious mantra or your political tendencies either. You might be DJs or Politicos, but this ain't your party or rally, so shush! Use the forums if you have to get something off your chest.
  • Respect thy server Admins. Rulings in game are final. If they tell you something, best listen or start packing your things. Go to the forums if you want to plead your case further or message one of us with the important information (Steam ID, screen shots, etc.).
  • While we understand the need to voice frustrations, you can keep your whining at home and share it with your mom. We don't wanna hear it! If we find you whining incessantly about cheating or unbalanced teams, we're gonna hang you by your underwear on a towel hook, and you're going on timeout.
  • Exploiting flaws in game code is cheating, regardless of what your sociopathic clan leader claims. This includes — but common sense oughta tell you isn't limited to — bunny hopping, aim bots, wallhacks, no-recoil,teammate boosting, silent run scripts, jumping out of the play area in a map, bypassing the reload animation on bolt action weapons by switching to your secondary weapon, and other such nonsense.
  • Have fun trash talking, but the minute you cross the line and insult a person's sex, sexual preference, or ethnicity, you're gone. We don't tolerate bigots.
  • One Player - One Name. Changing your name while playing disrupts the flow of the game and it prevents players from getting to know you as a regular.
  • This isn't a clan recruiting ground. We shun leagues like red-headed step children. If you're interested in a player, please give him your contact information and have him contact you outside the game.
  • These servers are here for amusement first, competition second. Defaults are changed, noises are made, and your player will likely do stuff involuntarily. This isn't g*y, f*ggy, fucking lame, h*m* j*w or whatever other pathetic insult you picked up at the lunch table today. Most of the admins are old friggin men and have little tolerance for these types of attitudes.

These are the rules, love 'em or leave. Now go have fun and play nice.