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FAQs and Their As


Q. Hey, how the hell do you keep it goin'?

Donations keep this place runnin’. If you like playing here and want to show you’re love and affection, send us a couple of bucks. There is no limit and all of the dough goes towards the game servers. From time to time, we’ll beg, kick and scream until we get something.

Q. Dude, what's with all the downloads before joining?!

Here at Dexworld, we don’t like the mundane and seek out new maps and challenges all of the time. If you happen to join us and don’t have a map, don’t worry. We’ll provide you with everything you need (with the exception of a box, internet and beer) to get you up and shooting in no time.


Yeah, wtf? There are lots of reasons for getting banned, and most of them have to do with you being a jackass. Familiarize yourself with the server's rules before playing, and we'll all get along just fine. If you feel that your banning was unfair, either take it up directly with the admin that did it, or make a spectacle of yourself in our forums.

Q. Who are these admins you speak of?

As of May 2013, the list is —

  • Butterpants (Grand Poobah) - STEAM_0:1:95351
  • Phantom (Grand Poobah) - STEAM_0:1:133446
  • Cntrlfrek! (Grand Poobah) -STEAM_0:0:338356
  • WolfPac - STEAM_0:1:4398133
  • Astronomy (Pope) - STEAM_0:0:1318697
  • Domnatr - STEAM_0:1:2802
  • Rocket - STEAM_0:0:355763
  • Starbuck - STEAM_0:0:23381314
  • swisscheese - STEAM_0:0:9037681
  • fluid- STEAM_0:1:19802245
  • Bob The Tiki Beer God - STEAM_0:1:1333486

Map questions

Q. Where can I download maps?

We try to maintain a collection of all the maps that this server plays available for download. If there's a map in the rotation that we don't have for download, the best thing to do is hit Google and search for For instance, if we're running dod_railroad, you would search for

Q. I have a game or map I'd like to suggest or I made one myself (damn, you're good). Who do I talk to so it can get in the rotation?

Start with the forums and suggest it there in the appropriate place. Be sure to include some info about the map, like its scenario type (HL, HL2, BF2, etc.) and a link to download it. If that fails, contact one of the admins. If you're rolling your own, make sure you have at least 20 spawn points to support this server!

Miscellaneous Stuff

Q. Where can I find some other FAQs?

Glad you asked:
Steam has a plethora of information on most of the games we run on this web site!

Q. How do I find out my WONID/STEAMID/VALVEID?

When you've connected to a server, type status in the console and look for your name. You'll see your WONID somewhere to the right of it. STEAMID/VALVEIDs are much longer than WONIDs and consist of the entire string, including the the word STEAM or VALVE.

Q. How do I increase my FPS? How do I see 'em?

The first step to increasing your FPS is issuing the command, fps_max 99. By default, your FPS are locked at around 30 or so. To view your FPS while playing, there are a few options. To see just your FPS, use the command cl_showfps 1. This will display in your top-left corner. For a more informative meter, use the net_graph 1,2,3 command (the numbers are for different detail levels). While playing, you'll notice your FPS won't go above 100. To view your max FPS, which are more along the lines of what your hardware is capable of, use the command timefresh. Your view will spin around and you'll get an accurate reading.

Another trick is to disable V-Sync on your display adapter. For most cards, this is done through the Advanced portion of the Display Properties.

If that doesn't work, you can always try your luck in the tech support area of the forums.

Q. I've no idea how to do the voice stuff. Help a brotha out?

The best way to setup voice is by using the Voice Setup utility which is installed with Half-Life (don't know about you CS Retailers though). This will adjust the settings to match your mic. As geeky as it looks, the best mic to use is a headset, especially with headphones. It'll block out background noise and make your voice a lot clearer for your teammates. Once you've used to the utility to set everything up, you'll need to make sure you enable voice by checking the box in the Customize menu under Online Play. Also make sure you know what key you've bound it to! In the case that you forget, you can re-bind it in console with, for example, bind shift +voicerecord.

Here are some more useful console commands for voice (I recommend issuing the command first without any parameters to see at what level it is currently set)—

Wondering why everyone is making comments about your testicles being up in your stomach? Well, wonder no more! This command will allow you to hear your own transmissions.

voice_maxgain and voice_avggain
Changes the amount of gain the game engine applies to voice.

Sets incoming voice volume (too high of a setting may distort).

How far at the end of the transmission the engine starts to fade out the sound to make end of transmissions sound smoother.

Turns on/off voice comm.

How much in-game sound will be dampened when someone speaks.

Time that the voice communication fades in and out.

When set to 1, two files are created in you half-life directory, voice_decompressed.wav and voice_micdata.wav.

Enable(1)/Disable(0) voice for a specific mod

Web Site Questions

Q. Who maintains the web site and games?

The web site and games are supported and maintained by Butterpants and Rocket, with lots of help from the other Admins and players. We thank our founding fathers for their work, contributions and the bills they left us to pay…