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About Dexworld

Dexworld has been up in one form or another since '99 or so. It started humbly, on a spare box in Dex's house in Reading, PA, sharing his 1.5 SDSL line and running CS Beta 3.1. Dexion was of course the admin of the server in those days, with John (then Chewbacca) and Ironchef (then Redrum) joining him shortly after. We still have regulars who remember those bygone days...*sniff*

A few years back, the reins of Dexworld were turned over to the current custodians with the promise to continue what Dex, Chef and John created and the commitment of never compromising their original pledge to host fair and balanced game servers. We maintain strong ties to our past and look forward to providing an even better gaming enviroment to our community and players.

The game server is hosted out of a data center in Chicago, IL, with the box, space and pipes provided by Branzone. Most of our servers offer lower-than-normal gravity, typically at 675 (default in Half-Life 1 is 800). We've never been able to figure out why the Axis couldn't get their fat asses up on crates. Additionally, our admins make liberal use of sounds and silly play modes, so if you're new here and something feels not quite right, just ask what's currently allowed and someone will fill you in.

Custom maps have always been a big part of the play here at Dexworld. The stats page usually has a maplist for each server, with custom maps linked for download. All our servers use the fast http-downloading offered in HLDS and SourceDS, however there are some bugs, especially with DOD maps, when downloading via that method. The best bet is to always grab the .zip file from our downloads section and install manually. Nearly all the maps have been zipped by the admins to ensure the paths are set correctly.

People new to our community and game site will definitely want to check out our server rules before playing, and be sure to stop by our downloads section, where we keep our custom sounds, maps, wads and other assorted niceties. We've also compiled a pretty thorough FAQ section that covers a lot of the basic stuff. If you want to get to know Dexworld's regulars better, stop over to our Know Your Enemy section featuring pictures of both current and past regulars and don't miss the forums.