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Default Some interesting reading this week

I don't know if anyone here reads bOINGbOING, but you ought to. There are usually quite a number of intereting reading bits to be found there.

This time in fact, they're featuring a new guest blogger: Marc Laidlaw from VALVe.
Welcome to our new guestblogger, Marc Laidlaw!
Today, the guestbar torch is passed to Marc Laidlaw.

Marc is the author of numerous short stories and six novels including Dad's Nuke, Neon Lotus, The Orchid Eater, Kalifornia, The Third Force, and The 37th Mandala. He was a frequent contributor to bOINGbOING the zine, way back in the days of paper. For the last six years he has worked for Valve Software, serving as writer for the games Half-Life and the forthcoming Half-Life 2.
The guestblogger is on the right side of the page, down a bit. Read and enjoy.
(A parenthetical worry about Munchkinland: is it not altogether too pretty, too kempt, too sweetly sweet for a place that was, until Dorothy's arrival, under the absolute power of the Wicked Witch of the East? How is it that this squashed Witch had no castle? How could her despotism have left so little mark upon the land? Why are the Munchkins so relatively unafraid, hiding only briefly before they emerge, and giggling while they hide? The heretical thought occurs: maybe the Witch of the East wasn't as bad as all that--she certainly kept the streets clean, the houses painted and in good repair, and, no doubt, such trains as there might have been running on time. Moreover, and again unlike her sister, she seems to have ruled without the aid of soldiers, policemen or other regiments of oppression. Why, then, was she so hated? I only ask.)
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