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I thought the plot was very hard to follow. Especially once they got to the strange little NASA palm tree/launch pad planet with little knots of fighting.

The Imperial walkers seemed way bigger than they were in Empire Strikes Back.

I was amused by the Tarkin model - other than being a bit tight-faced, he was cool with me. About as much facial expression as Carrie Fischer in #7, maybe a tad more.

I'd rank this one as #8 out of 8, mainly because I'm such a fan of the originals. 1-3 are okay since I got to bond with my kids over them. I watched #4 12 times back when it came out. You know, before you could even rent movies. I'd slip into the bathroom and sneak back into the theater, watch it 2 or 3 times on the same ticket. It's so much easier to do with multi-plexes, but back in '77 they weren't common.
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