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See I told ya!

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Yeah Alien,
You left too many years ago. I haven't seen you ever on the server in the years I have been here, or you would know how we operate now. There are many former admins who still visit us from time to time and I would hold them to the same rules we all follow. Just so you know, I'm the only admin you need to worry about now.

Our rules haven't changed since I've been here, here's a reminder for you:

"Have fun trash talking, but the minute you cross the line and insult a person's sex, sexual preference, or ethnicity, you're gone. We don't tolerate bigots."

Keep those types of things to yourself or in your private chats. Don't bring bring that into our forums or anything associated with Dexworld. I actually don't mind that language personally ( when said amongst friends) and I understand you are just reconnecting in your own way. Please just keep that stuff in your own private space.
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