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just ban me already ...clearly you need everyone to like anything you create.
Even if the criticism is need it to be positive

* tank mid...the mid roof has a gap in the shingles on the axis side.
* axis loft...why is there rock/stone wall on only one face of a room
* axis loft...i don't know if its a texture glitch on the model or all
HL ladders but the ladder loses perspective at different angles (perhaps its dod being an
old game)

* axis loft ...first floor is that sand interior on the inside?

* axis backalley near mid... there a crack in the texture on the right side.
just under the window/shutters (is it a zooka wall?)

* tank mid...don't know if its done onpurpose ...but the vine boundary seems awfully straight for a biological environment

* tank mid...big door seems awfully squarish but that might just cuz dod is an old game.

* allie loft...the exterior don't know if the rock wall is suppose to be disaligned
at the top...facing the loft...left side

* allie loft....interior why are the roof top textures inside? (actually axis loft has the same texture

* allie tunnel (b/w 1st and 2nd) ...what is the purpose of the 2nd texture

* new sherman tunnel it suppose to be 2 textures on the ceiling?

* won't drone on about the roof parts cuz we never see them anyway
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