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those links were very informative....but i'd be curios to analyze...

* "500,000 to over 3 million defensive gun uses" how can that gap be so great??? what is considered a defensive gun use...and do the death-resulting ones also count as a homicide??

* how does the racial/cultural/social$$ mapping overlay the gun-free vs gun-allowed zones?? are gun-restricted areas greater in cultural/racial diversity? Is the violence done by one particular race? ...seems like those gun-restrictive cities are also the most diverse ones.

... it'd be interesting to see statistics comparing the gun-[un]restricted laws on cities/states that can claim to be 50-80% diverse.

* in those gun-free zones

a) did the perpetrators get guns?
a1...from neighbouring gun-allowed zones
a2...frmo a time when there was no ban
a3...or elsewhere?

b) ...are those same perpetrators influenced by a time before gun-restriction?
or come from a state with less gun-restriction?

that figure showing by country is interesting.... wow no China (based on wiki for guns and homicides ....china's lower than india)

wonder how Japan & India do it...interesting they both have the death penalty...China too. I'm surprised both china / india (the 2 most populous)
have such lower homicide rates.

USA still has ~300K more homicides then india (wonder if thats the education part that tallgeese wanted to discuss)
---------------- serious question to study: can you impose gun-restriction on a city that originally did not have them.
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