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Bait 12-20-2015 06:16 PM

OldSchool DOD ViE (victory) / BattleForEurope
Victory for Europe is holding annual event
(hopefully i'll pick up a mouse by then)

ViE Reunion Tournament Server Information

For the months of February and March, we will have a server up and running at the following location: - pw: ctagames

We'll be updating the server with the ViE style maps during the month.

ViE Reunion Registration will probably be somewhere around March 1st and actual Tournament play will be Saturday March 17th and Saturday March 24th Starting at 1200 EST |1700 GMT | 1800 CET.

Our idea is to make this a fun time. You will register to play and will be sent to a random side. This will be the side you will start playing on during the day. If the server isn't full, then feel free to balance out the teams.
In game chat will be allowed for fun smack talk but team TS will be in effect so we can still have some semblance of Tournament order.

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible, Spread the word!

[CTA]ScubaShark=DM=, [CTA]SunDown, and [CTA]Moose[Dog]
CTA Owner/Admins

[b7]fluid 12-20-2015 08:39 PM

where is the website?

Bait 12-20-2015 09:35 PM

nvm....its an old email (2013) fucked up or its spam
that got bunch in between all my Dec. emails...weird.

got my hopes up [helps if i read more]

i guess teh DOD:S one is still going strong tho

"1st RB Forums"

[b7]fluid 12-21-2015 10:41 AM

ewwww source

Spaceman 12-22-2015 12:18 AM

that was a lot of fun, doh, source

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