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Welcome to Dexworld

New, Old Admin!

We welcome r_endel back from his sabbatical from DOD. We saved your locker and stuff so you'll find us mostly in the same condition that you left us. The only thing we'll have to do is dim the lights so that you don't hurt our eyes too much.:-D

  • Thus Speaketh Rocket
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  • Wed, 25 February 2015 - 4:09 PM CST

Fantasy football 2014 !

We have a WINNER this year and it is ........... ROCKET ! Congrats ROCKET great job ! I will give out a mystery surprise box for the winner like I promised ! And will go back 2 years . So the ones that WON last year and the year befor I will send out to them a mystery box sorry for being late to them and u rocket ! But I hope u forgive me . And the winners of the last 2 years send me your info so I can send u your prize and u to rocket thanks ! And again congrats rocket on a great win I thought u was going to win a check from fire league ! You where so close . RANK TEAM MEMBER WORLD RANK FV PTS 1 Rocket Rocket 642 $47.34M 28002.00 2 Circus Town Patryska 845 $48.55M 27403.00 3 Starbuck STARBUCK 942 $52.28M 27149.00 4 Air Hogs Patryska 2196 $39.16M 24899.00 5 Bowhunter Bowhunter 1840 2668 $34.50M 24230.00 6 Stu2 Pidazole Stu2 Pidazole 4237 $30.65M 21710.00 7 Stu Pidazole Stu Pidazole 4337 $34.99M 21540.00 8 astronomy astronomy 4894 $29.86M 20345.00 9 Bbs Girl Bbs girl 4952 $26.61M 20234.00 10 {campin} dbc82 6707 $23.52M 14417.00 - See more at:

  • Thus Speaketh -CLERGY-Pope
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  • Wed, 4 February 2015 - 9:54 PM CST

Happy New Year!

Dexworld Regulars and Visitors, Thank you for helping us make it through another year. Looking back the community had some great highlights of 2014. The Dexlan was a success in terms of community bonding. We also had a few great matches that were a blast join and play. I hope that this years events can bring more of us together as there is nothing like playing together with the great people that have inhabited Dexworld for so long. I also want to take a moment to thank the admins that have been playing and fostering such a great gaming environment. I haven't been around as much as in past years but when I do join I have a sense of the camaraderie that you built here. You all have really taken up the torch as far as I'm concerned. I love your enthusiasm and positivity, keep it up. Thank you to all the new players that are visiting our community. I hope you stay and contribute to our little slice of the gaming world. Continued success and fun to everyone...long live Dexworld!

  • Thus Speaketh Rocket
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  • Thu, 1 January 2015 - 11:52 PM CST